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The Jericho Brass Band (JBB) was founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1998 by two musicians and music visionaries who loved the unique and special sounds of the British-style brass found all over England. The British-style brass bands came into being during the early Industrial Revolution in England and provided communites a source of music of and entertainment.

Otis Street and Bill Kinnaman put out a call to local musicians and 15 people attended the first rehearsals. Their first concert performance was given on July 15, 1998.

Since its modest beginnings JBB and its “Brassworks Group” have given over 670 performances at various sites and venues throughout the USA and abroad including touring various markets. Additionally JBB has toured England and Ireland including Elland, Yorkshire, the location of our sister band, the Elland Siver Band, founded over 150 years ago.

This year, JBB is celebrating its 25th silver anniversary year of providing music in the style of British Brass Bands in the Chattanooga area.